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Why I love you


Not all flowers show love but roses do.

My love,

You sooth my imaginations like the sweet smell of Carnations.

You have a face as attractive as a Larkspur

Your skin, as smooth as the petals of sweet pea.

Your smile, enervating and beautiful as the sight of Calendula in the morning.

Your perfume’s fragrance, curative like the smell of Lillies

You, my love, are my Gladioli, my Chrysanthemum and my Aster.

You make my life as lovely as Narcissus

Your cuddles amiably cure my heart like Jonquil‘s smell.

Your face, dazzling and beautiful like a Daisy or a Lotus.

Your complexion,as nice as a Lilac, drives me crazy.

You are the Apple of my Eye.


Bold words:>> Flower names.

(inspired by the love of flowers)

compiled by Lloyd

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